How It Works

How Online Education Works

With online learning, your child can learn at home, or wherever there’s an internet connection, while enjoying the benefits and support of a school program. They’ll complete a mix of online lessons and offline activities using K12-provided books and materials.* Utah-licensed teachers provide instruction in virtual sessions called “Class Connects.”

Career Academy of Utah Programs

The advanced K12 curriculum enables students to find the learning style that works best for them. High-quality online instruction helps your child build on their unique interests and abilities.

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What’s my role as a parent?

As Learning Coach, you’ll have the opportunity to take an active and vital role in your child’s education. Each day you’ll spend time to:

  • Provide academic support, motivation, and guidance throughout the school year
  • Ensure your child is on track with assignments and coursework
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Report daily attendance

If you or your child’s legal guardian are unable to fill this role, you may choose a family member, friend, or other trusted adult to serve as Learning Coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are offered by Career Academy of Utah?

Career Academy of Utah (CAU) is a K–12 online public charter school currently enrolling full-time students in grades K–9 for the 2023–2024 academic school year. In subsequent years, these grades will be added:

  • Fall 2024 – 10th grade
  • Fall 2025 – 11th grade
  • Fall 2026– 12th grade

Who is eligible to apply?

Students must reside in Utah. To enroll for the 2023–2024 academic school year, students must be entering grades K–9.

What college and career preparation and networking opportunities will be available?

Our career and college prep program provides high school students with the opportunity to pursue in-person or virtual internships, apprenticeships, and other work-related experiences. Students can explore careers in a variety of in-demand industries. We also offer dual credit opportunities, as well as college application support and guidance from Career Coaches. This experiential approach to education, through relevant and authentic applications, mimics the real-world environment of the workplace. CAU weaves project-based learning and professional skill development into all aspects of instruction.

How do students interact socially?

Students spend time with classmates online, in our blended learning centers, and during school outings, field trips, and other activities. In addition to school-based clubs, K12 online national clubs help connect students with like interests and passions.

How much time will my child spend online?

In the younger grades, many of the online lessons include offline work. Students in grades K–2 spend about 30 to 40% of their time on the computer, while students in grades 3–5 spend about 50 to 60% online. We expect that students will spend about 50 to 70% of their school day online in grades 6–8 and 80+% in grades 9–12*. We believe in a balanced approach toward education. Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. Computers also act as powerful teaching tools that can motivate, stimulate, and inform children about the world around them. They do not, however, replace a solid education. Instead, they help facilitate one. That’s why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes traditional books, workbooks, and instructional materials.**

What is the attendance policy?

All students enrolled for the entire school year must attend 180 instructional days per school year. The total instructional days are prorated based on the student’s start date.

How do I enroll my student?

Can our family take a vacation during the school year?

*Career Academy of Utah is enrolling students in grades K–9 for the 2023–2024 school year. Grades 10–12 will be added in subsequent years. Enrollment is limited. If the number of applications received during the open enrollment period exceeds the number of available spaces, Career Academy Utah will hold a lottery immediately following the open enrollment period. Students whose applications are not selected by the lottery may opt to be placed on an enrollment waitlist.

**Course materials vary by grade and course. Please check with your school about offline course materials.